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The Leg Lamp is Mr. Parker's award in Bob Clark's 1983 film, A Christmas Story. Mr. Parker loves the lamp because it is his award for completing a crossword puzzle about great characters in American literature in the newspaper. It is an iconic part of pop culture and popularizes A Christmas Story further.


A Christmas Story: A Leg Of Lamp?[]

In the eleventh scene of the film, "A Leg Of Lamp?", Mr. Parker's award comes in the mail. He doesn't know what it is. He opens the box and finds a lamp in the shape of a female human leg. Mrs. Parker finds it inappropriate and is embarrassed about it. Many people from the neighborhood come to see it out the window, including the Parkers' dim-witted neighbor, Swede.

A Christmas Story: A Fake Break?[]

In the nineteenth scene of the film, "A Fake Break", Mr. Parker is fixing the furnace, when he hears a crash. Mrs Parker broke the lamp and used all the glue on purpose. Mr. Parker tries to fix it with tape but fails. Mr. Parker soon buries the remains of the lamp.