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The Bumpus Hounds are characters in Bob Clark's 1983 film, A Christmas Story and are a nuisance to Mr. Parker and only bother him ever. They are owned by the Parkers' hillbilly neighbors, the Bumpuses. According to Ralphie Parker, there are 785 of them and they smell really bad.


A Christmas Story: "I Won! I Won!"[]

In the ninth scene of the film, ""I Won! I Won!"", Mr. Parker is coming home from work, and he was chased by the Bumpus Hounds. One of the Bumpus hounds got their ear stuck in the doorway. Mr. Parker said, "Serves ya right ya smelly buggers!".

A Christmas Story: Turkey Thieves[]

In the thirtieth scene of the film, Turkey Thieves, Ralphie and Mrs. Parker left the door open after Ralphie lied about how he got hurt and went in the house. The open door and the smell of turkey attracted the hounds, they went in, and ate all the turkey. The Parkers had to eat Chinese food instead. They ate duck.