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Schwartz is a character in Bob Clark's films, A Christmas Story and My Summer Story and Brian Levant's film, A Christmas Story 2. Schwartz is Ralphie's friend.


In the seventh scene in the film, "Tongue-Tied", Schwartz dared Flick to stick his tongue onto a frozen pole. Flick did not agree at first and said that doing that would be dumb. Schwartz threw out different dares like a double dare, then a double dog dare, and finally a triple dog dare. Flick had to agree after that and stepped up to the pole. Flick hesitated but finally did it and cried because it was stuck. Schwartz, Ralphie Parker, and the other students ran back inside when the bell rang and left Flick outside to be soon taken off the pole by the fire department and the police.

The Soap Connoisseur[]

In the fifteenth scene of the film, "The Soap Connoisseur", Schwartz got into trouble because Ralphie said he heard a swear word from Schwartz (even though Ralphie knew that he heard it ten times a day from his father). When Mrs. Parker called Schwartz's mother, Schwartz's mother stomped and screamed so loudly that it could be heard from the telephone.


  • Schwartz lives three blocks away from Ralphie.