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Randall "Randy" Parker is a character in Bob Clark's 1983 film, A Christmas Story. Randy is stubborn, whiney, but observant.

Logos/Main Title[]

In the first scene of the film, "Logos/Main Title, Randy was looking through the window of the store at all of the Christmas toys with Ralphie Parker, Schwartz, and Flick.

Look! Red Ryder![]

In the second scene of the film, "Look! Red Ryder!", Randy was trying to do his routine when Ralphie got in front of him. Randy hit him to try to get in front of him to get his clothes from the dresser, but that didn't really work. Later, Randy went downstairs to eat his breakfast.

Parents One, Kids Zip[]

In the third scene of the film, "Parents One, Kids Zip", Randy was eating his breakfast. When Ralphie said "Flick said he saw some grizzly bears near Pulaski's candy store", Randy just stared at him. When Mr. Parker guessed what Ralphie wanted for Christmas by guessing a new furnace, Randy laughed at the joke.

A Hero's Dream[]

In the fourth scene of the film, "A Hero's Dream", Randy was in Ralphie's imagination hiding from Black Bart and his gang. He later celebrated when Ralphie defeated his gang, even though Black Bart himself escaped.

Randy's Wrap Up[]

In the sixth scene of the film, "Randy's Wrap Up", Randy's mother prepares Randy to go to school with tons of snow clothes. Randy cries and complains that he can't put his arms down. His mother has no solutions so she says "Put your arms down when you get to school". On the trip to school with his big brother Ralphie, a kid trips him and he can't get up. Randy cries and complains again. Ralphie kindly helps him up to continue the trip to school.

How Do Piggies Eat?[]

In the tenth scene of the film "How Do Piggies Eat?", the Parker family were having supper. Randy didn't want to eat his food and was playing with it. His mother said his plate is his trough and asked him what sound pigs make. Randy said oink oink. She asked how they eat. Randy soon slammed his face into his dinner plate and snorted like a pig. Mrs. Parker laughed. Ralphie and Mr. Parker were disgusted with Randy for doing that.

Chinese Turkey?[]

In the thirty-first scene of the film, "Chinese Turkey?", Randy cheered after Chinese Father cut their duck.

After Christmas Joy[]

In the thirty-second scene of the film, "After Christmas Joy", Randy was shown sleeping with his toy Zeppelin.