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Ralph "Ralphie" Parker is a character in Bob Clark's films, A Christmas Story Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven Of Bliss, My Summer Story, and Brian Levant's film, A Christmas Story 2.


A Christmas Story: Logos/Main Title[]

In the first scene of A Christmas Story, titled "Logos/Main Title", Ralphie is introduced when he was looking at the Christmas toys through a window of a store with Randy Parker, Schwartz, and Flick. They kids discussed how fun it could be to play with them.

A Christmas Story: Look! Red Ryder![]

In the second scene of A Christmas Story, "Look! Red Ryder!", Ralphie notices the Red Ryder Carbine-action 200-shot Range Model Air Rifle through the window of the store. As he was staring through the window, Ralph thought of how great it would be to have it. He wakes up the next morning. Mrs. Parker called Ralph and his brother down for breakfast. Ralphie snuck a Red Ryder sales pitch into his mother's magazine in order to plant it into her subconscious. Afterwards, Ralph headed downstairs for breakfast.

A Christmas Story: Parents One, Kids Zip[]

In the third scene of A Christmas Story, "Parents One, Kids Zip", Ralphie was thinking of ways to get his hands on the Red Ryder Carbine-action 200-shot Range Model Air Rifle. His father was doing a crossword puzzle and asked questions to Mrs. Parker like "What is The Lone Ranger's nephew's horse?". Mrs. Parker said "Victor, his name is Victor". Ralphie was in his own world thinking of a BB gun hint. In order to do this, he said, "Flick said he saw grizzly bears at Pulaski's candy store!". Everyone stared at him. Ralphie knew he was "in danger of overplaying his hand", so he said "Hey Dad! I'll betcha you'll never guess what I want for Christmas!". Mr. Parker jokingly replied by saying "a new furnace". Ralphie and Randy laughed at this joke. Mr. Parker soon walked out to get ready for work. Mrs. Parker asked Ralphie what he wants for Christmas. Ralphie blurted out " I want a Red Ryder Carbine-action 200-shot Ranger Model Air Rifle. In shock, Mrs. Parker said "you'll shoot your eye out" in response. Ralphie, extremely upset that he may not get what he wishes for, lied and said he wants Tinkertoys instead. Mrs. Parker said BB guns are dangerous, which is her reasoning for not wanting to give Ralph one. This was the first conflict in the story regarding the BB gun.

A Christmas Story: A Hero's Dream[]

In the fourth scene of A Christmas Story, "A Hero's Dream", Ralphie imagined what it would be like if he had a Red Ryder Carbine-action 200-shot Range Model Air Rifle. He imagined that his family were hiding from burglars from Black Bart's gang. Ralphie shot most of them. Black Bart escaped and said that Ralphie wouldn't be seeing the last of them. He tells them "If you come back, you'll be pushing up daisies!" And says imitating Paladin from "Have Gun Will Travel." "And don't you forget it."

A Christmas Story: The Blasted Furnace[]

In the fifth scene of A Christmas Story, "The Blasted Furnace", Ralphie was eating breakfast when his father came out of a room swearing about something to himself. The furnace failed and was smoking so Mr. Parker ran down to fix it. Mr. Parker said to open up the damper so Mrs. Parker did. Mr. Parker kept swearing and yelling for a while.

A Christmas Story: Randy's Wrap Up[]

In the sixth scene of A Christmas Story, "Randy's Wrap Up", Ralphie and Randy were getting their snow clothes on. Ralphie exclaimed: "We're gonna be late" to his mother. Soon, Randy and Ralphie head out. Ralphie walks with Schwartz and Flick on the way to school. Randy gets tripped by a kid. Ralphie kindly helps Randy up as he cannot do so himself.

A Christmas Story: Tongue-Tied[]

In the seventh scene of A Christmas Story, "Tongue-Tied", Ralphie witnessed, but didn't stop, Flick from sticking his tongue to a frozen pole. The bell rang so all of the kids head inside except for Flick who was stuck to the pole. Miss Shields asked where Flick is and is worried to see Flick stuck to the pole. All the kids look out the window. One kid announces the fire and police departments arrived. Ralphie and Schwartz felt remorseful, especially after Miss Shields talked to "whoever was up to this".

A Christmas Story: A Yellow-Eyed Bully[]

In the eighth scene of A Christmas Story, "A Yellow Eyed-Bully", Ralphie, Randy, Schwartz, and Flick were walking home from school. Scut Farkus, the school bully, laughed wickedly and pushed Randy. He scared the kids. Grover Dill jumps from the garbage bin and scared them. Scut pulls Schwartz's arm back, forcing him to yell, "Uncle!". They let out one final scare and then the kids run away.

A Christmas Story: "I Won! I Won!"[]

In the ninth scene of A Christmas Story, ""I Won! I Won!"", Mr. Parker came home from work and exclaimed: "I Won! I Won!" as he was being chased by The Bumpus Hounds. Ralphie ran downstairs to see what he won. Mr. Parker won the crossword puzzle. Mr. Parker said the award was coming tonight. The Bumpus hounds were chasing him and then one got their ear stuck on the door. Mr. Parker said: "Serves ya right ya smelly buggers!". Mr. Parker told Ralphie he's starving.

A Christmas Story: How Do Piggies Eat?[]

In the tenth scene of A Christmas Story, "How Do Piggies Eat?", Randy was playing with his food during supper and not eating it. Mrs. Parker asked what sound pigs make. randy said: "Oink oink". Mrs. Parker asked how they eat. Randy slammed his face into the plate. Mrs. Parker laughed. Ralphie and Mr. Parker were disgusted in Randy for doing that.

A Christmas Story: A Leg Of Lamp?[]

In the eleventh scene of A Christmas Story, "A Leg Of Lamp?", Mr. Parker's award arrives in the mail. Ralphie mostly observes the lamp and putting it up. He, from time to time, touches it. When his radio station comes on he decides to listen to it. The next day, going to school, Ralphie, Schwartz, and Flick run from Scut and Grover in a fast motion scene. Randy couldn't catch up.

A Christmas Story: An A+ Masterpiece[]

In the twelfth scene of A Christmas Story, "An A+ Masterpiece", Ralphie turns in his theme. He imagines that everyone else got an 'F' and he got an 'A+' on his theme. The teacher was so exited and wrote 'Ralphie A+++++...'. Everyone carried Ralphie around the room and cheered. When he was done imagining, he took his seat. Later, in a fast motion scene, heading home, Ralphie, Schwartz, and Flick were chased by Scut and Grover. Randy couldn't catch up.

A Christmas Story: Tree Bargaining[]

In the thirteenth scene of A Christmas Story, "Tree Bargaining", the Parkers were going out to get a Christmas tree. Ralphie was seen getting into the car. Later, he was seen following his parents into the tree shop to buy a tree.

A Christmas Story: JINGLE BELLS Flat[]

In the fourteenth scene of A Christmas Story, "JINGLE BELLS Flat", all of the Parkers, except Mr. Parker, were singing Jingle Bells during the car ride. One of the tires went flat so Mr. Parker went out to fix it. Ralphie was told to help his father by Mrs. Parker. Ralphie went out to help. Ralphie held the bolts in a bowl. Mr. Parker spilled them and Ralphie said the f--- word. To the audience it was heard as "Oh, fudge", While the narrator (Adult Ralphie) points out that he didn't say fudge but he said "the word, the big one, the queen-mother of dirty words, the 'F-dash-dash-dash' word!", which stunned Mr. Parker. Ralphie head back into the car, wondering what torture would await him. Mr. Parker told Mrs. Parker what Ralphie said. This caused her to scream in terror.

A Christmas Story: The Soap Connoisseur[]

In the fifteenth scene of A Christmas Story, "The Soap Connoisseur", Ralphie was punished by getting soap in his mouth. Ralphie needed to tell his mother were he heard it. He was afraid to say his father, so he said Schwartz, prompting Mrs. parker immediately called Schwartz's mother. As a result, Schwartz's mother screamed and beat up Schwartz, while Ralphie was sent to bed.

A Christmas Story: A Blind Fantasy[]

In the sixteenth scene of A Christmas Story, "A Blind Fantasy", Ralphie cried, in bed, and he imagined he was blind from soap poisoning. Mr. and Mrs. Parker cried because of what they've done. The next day, heading to school, Ralphie, Schwartz, and Flick were chased by Scut and Grover. Randy couldn't catch up.

A Christmas Story: A Cute Fruit Bribe[]

In the seventeenth scene of A Christmas Story, "A Cute Fruit Bribe", Ralphie brings a fruit basket to Miss Shields to bribe her for good grades. His excuse was that Miss Shields might be tired of the same stuff every time. Ralphie takes his seat. Heading home, Ralphie, Schwartz, and Flick wee chased by Scut and Grover. Randy couldn't catch up.

A Christmas Story: The Secret Circle[]

In the eighteenth scene of A Christmas Story, "The Secret Circle", Ralphie found his decoder in the mail. Little Orphan Annie gave it to him after drinking gallons of Ovaltine. He decided to take it inside and turn on the radio to decode the message. He set the code to B2 and the announcer told the code. Ralphie went into the bathroom to decode it. He thought the world depended on it. Mrs. Parker yelled "Randy needs to go! Open up!". the message was: "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine". It was a commercial. Ralphie was mad, but Randy could finally go to the bathroom.

A Christmas Story: A Fake Break?[]

In the nineteenth scene of A Christmas Story, "A Fake Break?", Ralphie was at the table when Mr. Parker was fixing the furnace. He heard a crash. Mrs. Parker broke his lamp. Ralphie wasn't sure, but he thought he heard music playing sadly when the lamp was buried. The next day, Ralphie, Schwartz and Flick were walking into the schoolhouse. Scut scared them and Grover said come over here. Ralphie and Schwartz ran away leaving Flick with certain annihilation.

A Christmas Story: C+ Nightmare[]

in the twentieth scene of A Christmas Story, "C+ Nightmare", Ralphie was in school when he received his grade on his theme. He read it and was surprised to get a C+. He imagined his teacher as a witch. He also read: "P. S. you'll shoot your eye out. He knew his mother was in on this and imagined his teacher as a witch and his mother as a jester.

A Christmas Story: Bye-Bye, Bully![]

In the twenty-first scene of A Christmas Story, "Bye-Bye, Bully!", Ralphie was upset that he got a bad grade on his theme. Scut threw a snowball and it got caked in between Ralphie's glasses. Scut was mad that Ralphie didn't come earlier. Ralphie cried. Scut taunted and bullied him for crying. Ralphie, having had enough of Scut and Grover Dill bullying him, Flick, Schwartz, and Randy angrily charges and, attacked Scut. He threw swear words and punches left and right. Grover tried to help his mean friend, but Ralphie pushed him away and the kid cheered Ralphie on. Randy picked up his glasses and commotion grew. Mrs. Parker soon came with Randy and pulled Ralphie from the bully and took him and Randy home.

A Christmas Story: Mom's In Charge[]

In the twenty-second scene of A Christmas Story, "Mom's In Charge", Mrs. Parker took Ralphie home and into the bathroom. She splashed water onto his face, from the sink. Ralphie was then put to bed until dinner. He was afraid that his dad would come home and get mad at him. Randy was also afraid and hid in the cupboard below the sink crying "Daddy's gonna kill Ralphie!". When Ralphie came down to eat, Mrs. Parker made sure he wouldn't get into trouble.

A Christmas Story: Parading To Santa[]

In the twenty-fourth scene of A Christmas Story, "Parading To Santa", Ralphie was in bed, as "The Scut Farkus affair" was pushed out of his mind. Realized he could ask Santa Claus for his BB gun. The next evening (Christmas Eve) the family went downtown to watch the Christmas parade. Ralphie was impatient and really wanted to see Santa because the store was about to close. When the parade ended they entered the mall to see Santa. He met a kid with goggles on and was uncomfortable with him for staring at him and saying weird things.


Ralphie, talking to Santa.

A Christmas Story: Slippery Santa Slide[]


Ralphie, disappointed after Santa responded negatively to his request.

In the twenty-fourth scene of A Christmas Story, "Slippery Santa Slide", Ralphie met Santa. Ralphie was scared of Santa. Santa asked "What is your name, little boy?". Ralphie just stared. Santa asked: "What do you want for Christmas, little boy?" Ralphie stared again. Santa said a football would be good. Ralphie unconsciously agreed Everyone, including the elves (Head Elf and Male Elf), were wanting him to hurry up. The elves tossed Ralphie down. Ralphie stopped himself and admitted he wanted a Red Ryder Carbine-action 200-shot Range Model Air Rifle. Ralphie frowned as Santa was his last hope. Santa said: "You'll shoot your eye out kid!", and pushed him down the slide, saying: "Ho, ho, ho!". Ralphie, down the slide and slid down with his brother were upset. Mr. Parker got Ralphie up and asked if Santa asked what he wants for Christmas. Ralphie said: "Yes". Mr. Parker asked if Santa asked if he was a good boy. Ralphie said: "No" and Mr. Parker told him not to worry and that Santa always knows if Ralphie has been a good boy or not.

A Christmas Story: "Don't Anybody Move"[]

In the twenty-fifth scene of A Christmas Story, ""Don't Anybody Move"", Mr. Parker was setting up the Christmas tree. Ralphie and Randy were pretty idle. When the fuse went out, Ralphie remained silent. When It was time for the Parker kids to go to bed, they were threatened to go to bed with Mr. Parker saying he thought he heard sleigh bells ringing. They both ran upstairs quickly to not miss their presents.

A Christmas Story: Snowy Morning, Wow![]

In the twenty-sixth scene of A Christmas Story, "Snowy Morning, Wow!", Ralphie woke up on a snowy Christmas morning. He woke up Randy and they ran downstairs. Ralphie's parents came down and Mrs. Parker said merry Christmas. Ralphie played Santa and gave everyone presents. They opened and unwrapped their gifts.


Ralphie, embarrassed, as he got a bunny costume from his Aunt Clara.

A Christmas Story: Pink Bunny Blues[]

In the twenty-seventh scene of A Christmas Story, "Pink Bunny Blues", Ralphie unwrapped his gift from his Aunt Clara. The gift was a pink bunny costume with pink bunny slippers. Mrs. Parker told Ralphie to put on, but Ralphie didn't want to. Mrs. Parker forced Ralphie to go upstairs and try it on. Ralphie went up and did as he was told much to his dismay. When Ralphie came down, he stood on the top of the stairs, embarrassed. He was forced to come down by Mrs. Parker and he did. Randy laughed at him, Ralphie said shut it to Randy, Mrs. Parker looked at the costume with joy, and Mr. Parker thought it was ugly. He called it a "deranged Easter Bunny" and told Ralphie he could take it off. Ralphie went up to take it off.

A Christmas Story: A Dream Comes True[]

In the twenty-eighth scene of A Christmas Story, "A Dream Comes True", Ralphie was sitting on the couch with his parents, while Randy slept in the mess of gift wrap. Mr. Parker asked his son if he got everything he wanted. Ralphie said "Well, almost.", thinking about not getting the BB gun. Mr. Parker notices a gift behind the tree and Ralphie checks it out. He unwraps it and after much time, finally gets his Red Ryder Carbine-action 200-shot Range Model Air Rifle. Mr. Parker shows Ralphie how to load it and then Ralphie goes outside to play test it.


Ralphie holding his BB gun, ready to fire.

A Christmas Story: Bull's-Eye Glasses[]

In the twenty-ninth scene of A Christmas Story, "Bull's-Eye Glasses", Ralphie tests out his BB gun and pretends to shoot Black Bart. When he shoots it, he hits a metal sign and it bounces back and hits his cheek causing him to flinch. He thinks he shot his eye out and thinks about all the different people who said he would. He realized his eye was fine but he lost his glasses. He looked around for his glasses and stepped on them. Ralphie thought of an excuse for his glasses breaking. He whiffed up some tears and his mom came to help. She took him upstairs to the bathroom ran a washcloth under the water, and took care of his injury, she told him he just got a little bump. He also told his lie about what happened. He said that an icicle hit his cheek. And was relieved his plan worked.

A Christmas Story: Turkey Thieves[]

In the thirtieth scene of A Christmas Story, "Turkey Thieves", Ralphie was getting cleaned up in the bathroom, when the Bumpus Hounds stole their turkey. Ralphie and the other Parkers get dressed to go out to eat.

A Christmas Story: Chinese Turkey?[]

In the thirty-first scene of A Christmas Story, "Chinese Turkey?", Ralphie and the other Parkers were at the Bo' Ling Chop Suey Palace to eat. When the roast duck was beheaded Ralphie let out a little scream. Ralphie also celebrated when the duck could be eaten.

A Christmas Story: After Christmas Joy[]

In the thirty-second scene of A Christmas Story, "After Christmas Joy", Ralphie was shown sleeping with his BB gun by his side.


Ralphie is persistent, obedient, kind, imaginative, and polite.



  • He was played by six actors in five different films.
  • An adult version of him is the narrator of the first four films.