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Mrs. Parker is a character is Bob Clark's films, A Christmas Story, My Summer Story and Brian Levant's film, A Christmas Story 2. Mrs. Parker is calm, patient, caring, and selfless.

A Christmas Story: The Secret Circle[]

In the eighteenth scene of A Christmas Story, "The Secret Circle", Ralphie Parker was decoding the secret message from Little Orphan Annie. Mrs. Parker was yelling at Ralphie because Randy Parker really needed to go to the bathroom.

A Christmas Story: Turkey Thieves[]

In the thirtieth scene of A Christmas Story, "Turkey Thieves", Ralphie and Mrs. Parker left the door open after Ralphie lied about how he got hurt and went in the house. This allowed The Bumpus Hounds to enter the house. She treated Ralphie's injury. The Bumpus Hounds were attracted by the smell and stole the turkey, forcing the Parkers to go out to eat. Mrs. Parker cried because she worked so hard on the turkey and it was all gone.