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Mr. Parker is a character in Bob Clark's films, A Christmas Story and My Summer Story, Brian Levant's film, A Christmas Story 2.


A Christmas Story: Parading To Santa[]

In the twenty-third scene of the film, "Parading To Santa", Ralphie Parker was begging to go to the mall to ask Santa Claus what he wants for Christmas. There is a parade going on and Randy Parker loves it so they stay and watched. Mr. Parker is annoyed by Ralphie's begging and complaining so he says, "Shut up Ralphie!". Later, he tells Ralphie and Randy how to go up and see Santa Claus.

A Christmas Story: Chinese Turkey?[]

In the thirty-first scene of the film, "Chinese Turkey?", the Parkers go out to eat at a Chinese restaurant because The Bumpus Hounds stole their turkey. Mrs. Parker screams because it has a head. Mr. Parker says "It's smiling at me.", so Chinese Father cuts the roasted duck's head off and then they eat.


Mr. Parker is gruff, stern, and grumpy.


  • He had a BB gun when he was eight years old.