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Miss Shields is a character in Bob Clark's, A Christmas Story.


A Christmas Story: A Cute Fruit Bribe[]

In the seventeenth scene of the film, "A Cute Fruit Bribe", Ralphie Parker tries to bribe Miss Shields for good grades by bringing her a giant fruit basket. Miss Shields said "Merry Christmas and a happy New Year" and "You can take your seat now".

A Christmas Story: C+ Nightmare[]

In the twentieth scene of the film, "C+ Nightmare", Miss Shields gives everyone their grades on the theme. She said the students did well overall, but she was disappointed with the margins. She wrote "C+" and "P. S. You'll shoot your eye out". Soon, Ralphie imagined that Miss Shields was an evil witch along with Mrs. Parker as a clown.


Miss Shields is patient, proper, and slightly strict.