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Grover Dill is a character in Bob Clark's films, A Christmas Story and My Summer Story. He is one of the bullies and is Scut Farkus' short sidekick. He is mean, cold-hearted, and cruel. He is similar in terms of personality with Scut Farkus.

A Yellow-Eyed Bully[]

In the eighth scene of the film, "A Yellow-Eyed Bully", Grover Dill was introduced in the alleyway where Scut and Grover were scaring Ralphie Parker, Randy Parker, Schwartz, and Flick. Grover just scares the little kids while Scut bends back Schwartz's arm.

A Leg Of Lamp[]

In the eleventh scene of the film, "A Leg Of Lamp", one day after the Parkers get The Leg Lamp, Grover and Scut are seen in a fast motion scene as they chase Ralphie, Randy, Schwartz, and Flick.