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Flick is a character is Bob Clark's 1983 film, A Christmas Story and is one of Ralphie Parker's closest friends in the film.


A Christmas Story: Tongue-Tied[]

In the seventh scene in the film, "Tongue-Tied", Flick was dared by Schwartz to stick his tongue onto a frozen pole. Flick did not agree at first and remarked that would be a dumb decision. Schwartz threw out different dares like a double dare, double dog dare, and finally a triple dog dare. Flick felt obligated to agree after that and stepped up to the pole. At first, Flick hesitated but finally stuck his tongue to the pole. He then started to cry. Ralphie, Schwartz, and the other students ran back inside when the bell rang and left Flick outside to be soon taken off the pole by the fire department. When Mrs. Sheilds asked him who was up to this, Flick didn't tell on his friends because he didn't want them to get into trouble. Flick, for the rest of that day, had a bandage around his tongue.

A Christmas Story: A Fake Break?[]

In the nineteenth scene in the film, "A Fake Break?", Scut Farkus and Grover Dill scared Flick, Ralphie, and Schwartz in front of the schoolhouse. Ralphie and Schwartz ran into the school, leaving Flick and the bullies alone. Scut then pulls Flick's arm backwards to scream "Uncle!".