A Christmas Story Wiki

Here is a list of the thirty-two scenes from Bob Clark's film, A Christmas Story:


  1. Logos/Main Title
  2. Look! Red Ryder!
  3. Parents One, Kids Zip
  4. A Hero's Dream
  5. The Blasted Furnace
  6. Randy's Wrap Up
  7. Tongue-Tied
  8. A Yellow-Eyed Bully
  9. "I Won! I Won!"
  10. How Do Piggies Eat?
  11. A Leg Of Lamp?
  12. An A+ Masterpiece
  13. Tree Bargaining
  15. The Soap Connoisseur
  16. A Blind Fantasy
  17. A Cute Fruit Bribe.
  18. The Secret Circle
  19. A Fake Break?
  20. C+ Nightmare
  21. Bye-Bye Bully!
  22. Mom's In Charge
  23. Parading To Santa
  24. Slippery Santa Slide
  25. Don't Anybody Move!
  26. Snowy Morning, Wow!
  27. Pink Bunny Blues
  28. A Dream Comes True
  29. Bull's-Eye Glasses
  30. Turkey Thieves
  31. Chinese Turkey?
  32. After Christmas Joy

About the scenes[]

Logos/Main Title[]

Ralphie Parker, Randy Parker, Schwartz, and Flick were introduced as they looked through the store window at all of the glorious toys.

Look! Red Ryder![]

Ralphie spots the Red Ryder Carbine-action 200-shot Range Model Air Rifle at a store and wants to have it. He is later seen sneaking a Red Ryder sales pitch into his mother's magazine.

Parents One, Kids Zip[]

Mr. and Mrs. Parker were introduced as Ralphie, at the breakfast table, was trying to give BB gun hints so they might buy one for him for Christmas.

A Hero's Dream[]

Ralphie imagines taking down Black Bart and his gang with his BB gun to defend his family.

The Blasted Furnace[]

Mr. Parker tries to fix the broken furnace. Ralphie sits and eats breakfast in the meantime.

Randy's Wrap Up[]

Ralphie and Randy dress up to go to school on a cold, snowy, day. Ralphie sees his friends on the way to school.


Before class starts, Schwartz dares Flick to stick his tongue to a frozen pole outside the school. Flick sticks his tongue on it and it gets stuck. The fire department and the police come to take him off the pole but he needs a bandage around his tongue. The teacher asks the class who was up to this and no one wanted to admit their fault.

A Yellow-Eyed Bully[]

Scott Farkus and Grover Dill were introduced while they were bullying Ralphie, Randy, Schwartz, and Flick. Schwartz's are was pulled back and they ran away.

"I Won! I Won!"[]

Ralphie was home from school and The Bumpus Hounds were introduced while they were chasing Mr. Parker. When Mr. Parker came inside, he announced that he won a telegram and an award was coming that night.

How Do Piggies Eat?[]

At dinnertime, Randy was being picky with his food. Mrs. Parker said "How do piggies eat" to try to get his to eat. He ate his meat loaf but at the same time he was sticking his face right into his food. Mrs. Parker laughed but Ralphie and Mr. Parker were disgusted.

A Leg Of Lamp?[]

Mr. Parker's award arrives. It is The Leg Lamp. Mrs. Parker doesn't really like it.

An A+ Masterpiece[]

The next day, Ralphie is at the school and imagines that he is congratulated by the whole class for having a perfect score on his theme.

Tree Bargaining[]

Mr. Parker goes to a Christmas tree sales place and buys a tree for the family.


On the way home, Ralphie, Randy, and Mrs. Parker are singing Jingle Bells. The tire goes flat and Mr. Parker goes out to fix it. Mrs. Parker suggests that Ralphie should help so e goes outside the car to help his father. He holds the bowl for the bolts and Mr. Parker's hand flings up and they fly into the air and land on the ground. It is unknow where they land. Ralphie says the "F dash dash dash word" but to the audience it is heard as "Fudge". Mr. Parker knows what Ralphie said and tells his to get into the car. Later, Mr. Parker whispers what Ralphie said to Mrs. Parker who then screams in terror.

The Soap Connoisseur[]

Ralphie gets punished with soap in his mouth.